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Our software development agency is dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes bring their ideas to life. We offer an array of services to support you on your journey and get the maximum ROI on your technology investments.

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Why choose Orbital Dev for your project?

We are a boutique, software development agency specializing in growth. We have the knowledge and experience you need to launch your next big thing:


Full-cycle product development

It is important that the products we develop provide maximum value for your business and serve as a foundation for future success. This means that what we build delivers on requirements, it is documented and tested, and the domain-knowledge is fully understood by our client teams.


A true technology partner

There is a huge difference between having an agency you can partner with and someone who just wants billable hours. We’ve had the experience of working with both. Here at Orbital we take the long view on our business and pride ourselves on the relationships we build.


Let’s pull the right levers

The right solution might be more hands-on-deck, it could be building a flexible frontend that allows your team to move faster, or it could be building an automated system that lets support staff do more with less. Pulling the right growth lever for your business is the key to success.


Our win-win business model

Shared success is the only kind we deliver at Orbital Dev. We understand that satisfied customers are the key to building a lasting business. Any attempt to optimize for our own benefit, over that of our customers, would be sacrificing long-term wins for a short-term gain.

Collaborate with Silicon Valley expertise

For Nathaniel Schwab, Orbital Dev represents the culmination of a 15 year career, with roles in government, prop-tech, crypto, finance and FAANG companies. Nate and his team are excited to take on the next challenge with you.


Nathaniel Schwab

Founder & Software Engineer